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Start driving with a dedicated, experienced instructor that can tailor tuition to your learning style, individual needs and experience level.
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Why Choose Driving Dynamix?
Pass Shield
Our driving school is run by a former DVSA driving examiner. We know the test, we know how to get you through.
Team Shield
We offer great support on your learning journey. Our admin team will send updates about up-coming lessons, track your progress with easy to use apps, and gain access to useful resources that will make learning easier and more intuitive.
Experience Shield
We have 30 years experience instructing new drivers. We are proud to have tutored hundreds of students to their pass certificate. 1000+ passes!

Introducing Driving Dynamix

A family-run, owner-operated, driver training company. Based in Exeter and established by former DVSA driving examiner, Gabi Humphries, our insights into the UK driving test makes us best placed to get you through your driving test first time!

Driving Lessons In Exeter and Taunton

Driving Dynamix offer driving lessons in the city of Exeter and Taunton. A typical lesson will start from your residence/chosen pick-up point. What you learn on your first lesson is up to you, we will proceed in-line with your wishes and experience level. There are many routes that are ideal for learning all aspects of driving. As your confidence and abilities improve, we will explore these routes, gradually leading to mock tests and finally your practical exam.
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Richard Venning

Star rating

I had a lovely teacher Alyx

I had a lovely teacher Alyx who was a brilliant teacher who was calm , didn’t force into doing stuff I didn’t want to worked around my anxiety and mental health issues.
I didn’t think ever pass my test but I did !! I would highly recommend alyx and Driving Dynamix
Will miss lessons and the smile and a positive driving instructor so thank you Alyx

Reece Bach

Star rating

Driving Dynamix are the best driving school!🤩

I started my driving journey with Driving Dynamix early last year, and managed to pass with no minors on Wednesday 24th January. I did the automatic driving lessons and had Alyx as my instructor. She was absolutely bloody amazing!😆. She made sure I knew what to do and her instructions were clear and precise. Alyx felt more of a friend than an instructor because of how laid back she was and how fun she made the lessons. I will miss our lessons together and the coffee breaks😂🥹. Thank you again Alyx and the Driving Dynamix Team!🥰. Definitely will be recommending you to friends and family who are looking at learning to drive!🤩x

Eddie Bryant

Star rating

10/10 Amazing Instructor

Incredible Value! Having myself gone from on and off learning for a couple years… largely due to a feeling of anxiety and dread towards driving lessons. Since finding Driving Dynamix and picking driving back up with Gabi it has been brilliant! I simply couldn’t have asked for a more kind, skilled and outright lovely instructor! Made me go from dreading driving to being able to pass my test in just under 2 months! Could not recommend more!

Rob Tuner

Star rating

Outstanding instructor

I *very* highly recommend Driving Dynamix. Having struggled with driving lessons in the past (giving up after a few failed tests, a decade ago), a colleague at the university recommended Gabi. And she is the best instructor I’ve ever had, by a mile! The price was a notch higher than my previous teacher, but I could tell the difference immediately. Each lesson was very clearly tailored to my specific gaps, and there was always a real sense of progress. (And of course, cheaper lessons aren’t cheaper if you have to keep taking them forever…)
When test day came around, I ended up passing on first try, with zero faults (!) – something I wouldn’t have believed was possible before my lessons with Gabi. The secret weapon, I think, was the run of four extended mock tests in the week of the test, combined with a short pre-test lesson on the day itself. All this meant that the actual test felt like a breeze: nice, short, simple. I’ll miss our chats, but am very grateful to Gabi for getting me my licence so smoothly!

Tillie Downey

Star rating

Exactly what I needed in an instructor!

Colin was exactly what I needed to get my confidence up with my driving – he was so patient but still pushed me in the exact way I needed. Thank you Colin, Gabi and Alyx for all your help and guidance and helping me to pass first time ☺️

Barbara Selfridge

Star rating

Gabi is fantastic

Gabi is fantastic,very patient, very friendly and professional instructor. She kept me calm and always positive even though I was really nervous about driving.English is not my first language but she was really understanding and always find ways explain to me so I would understand. Gabi give me lots of useful information not just to pass but to be a good,safe driver.I will strongly recommend Gabi to anyone.I could not have passed my test without her excellent teaching. Huge thank you ❤️

Sophia Enderby

Star rating

Amazing mock tests with Gabi & Alyx

I had mock tests with both Gabi and Alyx, where I felt so supported and was given the confidence I needed to go on to pass first time. We had a lot to improve upon in this time, but I really felt like we moved at whatever pace I was comfortable with, and I never felt rushed. I felt like my mocks were exactly like my test, and the feedback for my next steps was really specific and helpful. They then would assist me with correcting my mistakes so I was ready for my next mock / my test.


Star rating

Great Instructors!

Alyx was amazing, we had three two hour lessons the days before passing my driving test. She really helped me to understand the roads as I’m not from the area and gain confidence as well as giving me loads of good tips and advice


Star rating

Great Experience!!!

I have had a really good experience learning with Alyx. Alyx is a knowledgeable, responsible and cheerful driving instructor. She understands what is best for me in terms of building my confidence in driving. She always gives clear explanations and is always patient answering my questions. I wouldn’t have passed my driving test (first time pass!!) without Alyx!! I am glad to have Alyx as my driving instructor and will definitely recommend Driving Dynamix to anyone who needs to learn driving.

Thank you Alyx!!

Thea Mackney

Star rating

Couldn’t be Happier!

My whole experience with Driving Dynamix has been brilliant from start to finish. Gabi has been such an incredible instructor. She has helped me build my confidence when driving as I was so nervous when I started learning. Gabi has made me feel totally at ease, calm, and most importantly happy all the way through. I will really
miss our laughs and I am so grateful for the experience of having such a lovely instructor. Thank you so much for making every lesson so fun and so easy to follow. I could not recommend Gabi more, so if you are looking for an instructor- Gabi is the perfect fit!!

Mia Brown

Star rating

Would 10000% reccomend gabi!

Gabi was absolutely amazing! After having multiple driving instructors and doing multiple tests and learning for 4 years, went with gabi for not even 2 months of lessons and passed. So understanding, so lovely, amazing at her job. Could not recommend more!


Star rating

Very comprehensive and professional…

Very comprehensive and professional team. Provided all the advice and training I needed to get on the road. Gabi is supportive and reassuring, very good for someone nervous like me.

Hannah Lloyd-Jones

Star rating

Learn to drive with Driving Dynamix!

Highly recommend Driving Dynamix if you want to learn to drive in Exeter. My instructor, Alyx, helped me to pass with flying colours – I’m delighted to have passed first time with no faults!

Ariana Betka

Star rating

Achieved what I felt was impossible!

I came to Gabbie after a bit so great instructor.
I thought i was never going to pass and a driving test seemed like an impossible achievement, however, Gabbie took the time and effort to understand what was holding me back and work on it from there.
In addition, her expertise meant she could quickly work out what needed lots of work, what needed some and what I could do already.
The lessons themselves were a relaxed environment, and Gabbie’s incredibly friendly nature immediately put me at ease, something I didn’t get with my past instructor.
I went from dreading lessons to looking forward to them.
I passed with only 2 minors after a couple months – couldnt recommend enough.

Charis Bailey

Star rating

A fantastic experience…

I had a fantastic experience with Driving Dynamix. I suffer with anxiety and never thought I would be able to drive as a result. My instructor made sure to check in on how I was feeling throughout the lessons. We approached driving at a steady pace and though my instructor pushed me out of my comfort zone she made sure to introduce new things when I was ready. We never rushed and thought through techniques to help me keep my anxiety under control while driving. The teaching was thorough and my instructor was always happy to demonstrate manoeuvres if I was unsure. I was directed to helpful resources to look at between lessons. I have now passed my driving test and I have grown in confidence and now feel well equipped to start driving independently. I would highly recommend learning to drive with Driving Dymanix.

Crystal Hamilton-Leung

Star rating

Who knows learning to drive could be FUN 😄

Alyx is fabulous in so many ways. Her calmness and patience is commendable and her reassurance helps me looks past my doubt in myself. Alyx goes the extra mile to help me along my learning journey and my test week, making sure I have enough practice in areas I am uncertain of. Her advice and tips are not only beneficial to a learner but even to experienced driver. I could not pass my test the first time without her. I would definitely recommend Alyx to any learners who want to have an enjoyable and stress free learning experience😊 Thank you Alyx. 😊

Jonny Dawson

Star rating

Excellent teacher

I recently passed my test after having lessons with Alyx. She is a friendly and calm teacher with a methodical approach. Each lesson was well structured and progress was quick. With knowledge of all the test routes, she gave me mock tests leading up to the exam which made me feel confident going into it. I would highly recommend her as a teacher.

Flore Ion

Star rating

Amazing Driving School!

When I first decided to start the driving course I wasn’t really sure if I was going to make it as driving for me was one of the biggest fears .Being on the road it’s a huge responsibility and this was holding me back but luckily I started lessons with Alyx ,she was calm ,knowledgeable and a very motivating instructor .She helped me overcome the fear and made me a safe and confident driver.I passed 1st time with only two minors and I couldn’t ask for a better.If you are looking for a friendly,professional and reliable driving school I would definitely recommend Driving Dynamics!


Star rating

Gabi is a great instructor

Gabi is a great instructor. She explains everything very clearly and gives you tons of feedback. She’s super supportive and really takes her time for you; you won’t feel rushed or silly when you make mistakes. I’ve enjoyed my lessons, even though I was not looking forward to driving again after a long hiatus. And now I’m much more confident as a driver than before. Couldn’t recommend more highly!

Barbara Selfridge

Star rating

Driving Dynamix uk

Gabi is fantastic,very patient, very friendly and professional instructor. She kept me calm and always positive even though I was really nervous about driving.English is not my first language but she was really understanding and always find ways explain to me so I would understand. Gabi give me lots of useful information not just to pass but to be a good,safe driver.I will strongly recommend Gabi to anyone.I could not have passed my test without her excellent teaching. Huge thank you ❤️


Star rating

10 out of 10!!!

Gabi is a wise, kind, and professional teacher!

Before meeting Gabi, I was nervous about driving (especially when someone was sitting next to me), and she encouraged me and helped me to regain my confidence. She was very professional and focused on solving my technical driving problems.

Sometimes my thinking logic differs from the local logic when judging road conditions because of cultural differences, and this caused some driving errors. Throughout the lessons, Gabi could identify the key points of my problems and patiently understand my thoughts. Also, she shared with me her methods of judging. Her brilliant method of communication and teaching has enabled me to make great progress.

Thank you very much, Gabi!

Beth Rockey

Star rating

Thanks Gabi!

I spent the last 6 months learning to drive with Gabi at Driving Dynamix and she is far and away the most helpful and collaborative teacher I have ever had. I experienced some anxiety for the first few lessons and couldn’t put my finger on what the issue was, Gabi pinpointed what the problem was and we got it sorted immediately with excellent results. Thanks Gabi!


Star rating

Gabi is an incredible teacher

Gabi is an incredible teacher – I can’t recommend her highly enough. I was absolutely terrified about learning to drive and didn’t think that I would ever be able to do it but Gabi was amazing. She is so patient, warm, and understanding and let me build up my confidence at my own pace. Her experience as both an instructor and an examiner was invaluable. She is also lots of fun – I miss our lessons!

Alex Goff

Star rating

Would highly recommend Gabi

Would highly recommend Gabi, she was an amazing teacher. I felt very confident in the car with her as I knew even if I made a mistake we would have a conversation and from her calm explanations I knew I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Thank you Gabi!!

Anna Hulland

Star rating

Huge thank you to Gabi from Driving…

Huge thank you to Gabi from Driving Dynamix who taught me how to be a confident and safe driver. She is very patient, understanding and a good motivator. I really enjoyed every lesson and will miss our laughs. If you are looking for a driving instructor don’t look any further as Gabi is simply the best.


Star rating

Very happy to recommend Gabi

Very happy to recommend Gabi, an excellent instructor. I had attempted driving lessons twice before and had very little confidence in my ability to drive. Gabi was very practical, patient which helped me to build my confidence through practice. Thank you!