Become A Qualified Driving Instructor with Driving Dynamix

Interested in starting a new career where you’ll be able to choose your own hours to suit your lifestyle and feel valued, not only by your clients but by the team around you? Become a driving instructor!

Driving Dynamix is actively seeking enthusiastic potential driving instructors (PDIs) and full trained Advanced Driving Instructors (ADIs) to become part of their dedicated team.

An instructor in training

☑ Continuing professional development from a former DVSA examiner
☑ 121 telephone support
☑ Team support
☑ Diary app
☑ Enquiry management
☑ Established brand with a reputation for high quality driver training
☑ Excellent pass rate
☑ Unique mock test system with proven results
☑ Optional health insurance and income protection

Why Join Driving Dynamix?

What sets us apart is our commitment to nurturing instructor growth through comprehensive support. With the guidance of a former DVSA driving examiner, we provide continuing professional development to ensure that our instructors stay updated with the latest techniques and regulations.

Beyond initial training, Driving Dynamix offer ongoing 1-2-1 in-car and telephone support, ensuring instructors receive continuous assistance in enhancing their teaching skills. We also simplify the administrative aspects of the role with full admin support and a convenient diary app for efficient schedule management. Our unique franchise arrangement eliminates the hassle of lead generation, enquiry responses, and diary planning. Moreover, we understand that individual needs vary and offer additional benefits like private health insurance and income protection, tailored to suit each instructor’s preferences.

Joining Driving Dynamix means not only becoming part of a thriving driving school but also gaining a supportive partner on your journey towards becoming a successful driving instructor.

Join The Team

Becoming a driving instructor is a transformative journey that merges a passion for driving with a commitment to shaping responsible, confident motorists. It is an endeavour marked by patience, skill, and a profound sense of responsibility. Aspiring instructors embark on a path where they not only teach the mechanics of operating a vehicle but also instil vital safety principles and a deep respect for the rules of the road. The role of a driving instructor goes beyond honing driving skills; it fosters a sense of empowerment and independence in students, empowering them to navigate life’s journeys safely. It is a profession that allows one to witness the growth and transformation of learners, from timid beginners to skilled, responsible drivers. Ultimately, becoming a driving instructor is not just about imparting knowledge; it is about making roads safer and helping individuals embark on their own life journeys with confidence and competence.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you!