Do I need a licence to learn to drive?2022-08-11T15:47:00+00:00

Yes. You will need to have a provisional drivers licence before you begin your lessons. You apply for a provisional licence through the DVSA. https://www.gov.uk/apply-first-provisional-driving-licence.

Do I need to pay upfront for my lessons?2022-08-11T15:44:54+00:00

Before lessons begin payment must be received. We will send you a link to pay via the Total Drive App. Lessons can be paid for in bulk or as you go. All payments are protected, meaning any deposits paid or bulk payments are not accessible by staff and are used solely for your lessons.

How do I keep track of my progress?2022-09-01T09:36:48+00:00

At Driving Dynamix we use the wonderful Total Drive App. Total Drive allows you to manage all aspects of your driving lessons, progress, check when your next lesson is, book more lessons when gaps become available and more.

How long will it take to pass my test?2022-08-11T15:33:12+00:00

Everyone is different. The DVSA recommend 47 hours on average plus 20 hours private practice.

Where do lessons take place?2022-09-01T09:27:19+00:00

Your lessons will take place in Exeter, surrounding villages and carriageways. The exact location will depend on the focus of the lesson.

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