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Have you ever wondered how you would perform under the pressure of a real driving test?

Wouldn’t it be great to talk to a driving examiner and find out what you need to know before your test?

With our mock testing service, you can find out what real driving examiners think about your driving prior to your test.

Our lead instructor worked for fifteen years as a driving examiner conducting driving tests every day on test routes all around the south west.

Talk to your instructor about having a mock test with Driving Dynamix.

Your test checklist

We’ve compiled a list of things you should know before your test.

Make sure you bring your driving license and your theory test pass certificate with you. Also, have to hand the email or letter confirmation of your test appointment. Do check your emails the morning of your test in case there has been a cancellation.

Make sure you can read a number plate at 20.5 metres – If you can’t, your test will not go ahead and you will lose your fee. If you wear glasses for driving, bring them!

If you come up in your own car, make sure it is insured for the test specifically – some insurances will not cover you. The vehicle should also be taxed and MOT’d if appropriate. With modern technology, examiners can find out if it’s not. 

Make sure you allow plenty of time to find the test centre. If you’re especially nervous, allow time to go to the loo and have some water prior to your test, but try not to park in the car park for more than 10 minutes before your appointment.

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Let's bust some driving test myths

Dangly Earrings?

Your driving examiner will sit in a position where they can easily see that you are checking your mirrors. There's no need for dangly earrings or setting your mirrors in a funny way.

Fridays are best!

Regardless of the day of the week, if you drive well, you'll pass. Whilst DVSA keep statistics, examiners do not work to statistics - Their job is just to asses your driving on any day of the week.

All examiners are horrible!

Examiners are highly trained assessors employed by the government to uphold road safety. In general, it is people who have failed who found the examiner "horrible". That same examiner when they pass, is their best friend.

If I drive slowly/fast, I'll pass!

If you put on a performance for your test that is not your normal driving you are more likely to make a mistake. Have enough lessons to make sure that you normal driving is good enough, then drive like that.

Common mistakes made on driving tests

We’ve compiled a list of things you should know before your test.

Examiners will be more inclined to overlook “control” faults eg poor steering, too far from the kerb etc, however lack of observation is a safety issue and it carries more weight. 

After manoeuvres, poor observation at junctions is the next most common fault. This can be because the candidate has emerged when the gap was not big enough or without even looking. 

Driving too fast can be over the speed limit or simply to fast for the road and traffic conditions. Hesitancy can be failing to make progress when it’s clear at a junction or just driving persistently too slowly. 

A lack of awareness and poor planning for the situations around you during your test, can result in a fault. Make sure you look far enough ahead and be aware of what’s behind you at all times. 

What people say

Gabi took me out with some other ladies with varied competence, for a day to improve our confidence and technique. She was very professional but also friendly and approachable, extremely patient, and inspired utmost confidence that we were safe and in good hands. Gabi put us at ease very quickly. She was calm, but encouraged me to challenge myself, inspiring me to drive down what I thought was the scariest road in Devon. Now I use it all the time! Amongst other things, I also learned a new technique for judging speed in country lanes, and I feel this has really enabled me to drive more safely on these types of road. She has nerves of steel, as some of the other ladies scared me witless, but she remained calm and collected. She is also fun to be with, and I finished the day having gained confidence, but also feeling like I had gained a friend. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

D Bascombe

Now I am someone who panics over every slight mistake I make. Even if it didn't matter in the long run I will still groan about it for quite a while. But Gabi was well aware that this was a weakness of mine and was extremely willing to change her teaching methods to fit my needs and make me feel more comfortable. She is extremely kind, funny and is very good at getting details across in a simple way that wouldn't fly over my head! If you are someone who is scared about driving like I was or just want a instructor who is very flexible, Gabi is an immediate recommendation!

Sam Barber

I was lucky to start driving lessons with Gabi when I was 17 as my mum was also having lessons with her at the same time. Gabi's style of teaching was efficient and with humour, potential stressful moments for a new driver were easily alleviated by Gabi's easy and confident manner. Gabi is alert and calm at the same time. If it wasn't for her adept instruction I wouldn't be the driver I am today. 25 years later I am still a confident, safe driver, with all the freedom to take my children on adventures all over the country. I am eternally grateful for my lessons and remain in contact with Gabi, I often hear her voice when I'm driving, if I'm in need of a boost I still talk my journey and reiterate her instructions. Forever grateful, I would happily recommend Gabi to teach my own children to drive!

G Cook
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